Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So, I'm back from the lovely isla of Puerto Rico

So, I'm back from the lovely isla of Puerto Rico. It was great, I had such a great time with my bubba. Ima marry that boy one day, you watch! I saw my family and that was so great, because God know I'll miss them when I'm gone! Got back late thursday/early friday (however you see fit), only to go nuts trying to get the last minute stuff together for my going away party, which was a great success! There I am at the end of the night, glowing from just seeing those who came out to see me. At one point it felt like a SLU reunion, there were so many faces from sluville there, it was great!!! Everyone had a great time and I sure did! My mom got me this four pound Dominican cake filled with my favorite, guayava! Everyone loved it, and there were about three and half pounds of it left over!!! I've been eating cake everyday since.... then people wonder why i've packed on the pounds... So now I'm at my bubbas house, taking care of last minute POA and loan stuff. And well I'm just about out of here. I was thinking of mailing myself a letter so that i can not only test how the postal system will work on this end for people to send me things, but to see how long it takes to get there... but also so that i can get something in the mail. LOL... yeah I know..... anyhow, amazingly i'm not nervous or scared! I've been waiting and wantin this for so long, i'm just ready to get out there and experience it. I have 11 days left and I feel like I have so much time... I'm not even nervous about this plain ride.... oh which by the way, I realized that I dont fly into Europe, I fly into Dakar, which is in Senegal, northeastern Africa... coach the whole way.... isnt that going to be just freaking great!!! LOL... go figure. Then we fly into South Africa...exciting. the next morning we leave to Lusaka, and then my new life will begin! Well, I'll try to post some other pics from my party.... THANK YOU to everyone who showed up & the gifts were great!!


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